I am a broadly trained ecologist with experience working in streams, forests, and grasslands.  I earned my M.S. studying stream ecology and my Ph.D. studying plant-animal interactions.  In recent years, my focal areas have been native and invasive plants, pollination, and ecosystem services in the Charlotte, NC area. 

   I am a professor of biology at Pfeiffer University in Misenheimer, NC, teaching classes such as Ecology, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, and Plant Morphology.

    Additionally, I am an ecological consultant and landscape designer, focusing on reconciliation ecology-- modifying human-dominated landscapes such that they enable utilization by species in addition to our own.

    As you may know, one of the main drivers of loss of biodiversity is loss of habitat.  As we expand our cities and suburbs, it is important that we ensure our landscapes continue to provide adequate ecosystem services to support our communities.  My goal is to provide the professional expertise needed for my customers to improve the quality of their landscape so it will support a greater abundance of plants and animals native to our area, thus improving the ecosystem services provided.

 Your landscape, no matter how small or large, can become valuable habitat for wildlife and pollinators.

    Which plants are helpful to wildlife and which are harmful?  What features of the landscape will encourage visitation and breeding by pollinators such as butterflies and bees?  How can erosion be reduced?  How might a water feature be incorporated into a landscape so that it can be used by the wildlife that need it? 

     If you would like answers to these questions, or others, contact me!

or email Carrie@ForTheBirdsAndTheBees.com

or call 704-609-0440 and leave a message.

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