Plant species with names beginning with A through C

Achillea millefolium, common yarrow

This plant has lovely, delicate, fern-like leaves that remain green through the winter.  It does well in sun to part-shade in well-drained soil.  It is drought-tolerant.  Many different pollinators are attracted to the large clusters of small flowers that begin to open in mid-to-late spring and continue into the summer months.

The plants for sale were grown from "wild-type" seed.  Some of the plants produced by the original white-flowered "parents" have produced pale pink or even  medium pink-colored flowers. If you purchase baby plants, you will not know what color the flowers will be until they bloom. 

Some individuals of this species of plant may be very erect and as tall as about 3 feet; others may be floppier and no higher than a foot off the ground. If you purchase baby plants, you may not know the overall growth form of your plant until it matures.

Anemone virginiana, thimbleweed

This upright perennial reaches 2-3' tall, producing a white flower on the top of each stem in June-July.  In the fall, after the flower has been pollinated, the center of it develops into a thimble-like structure that produces thick puffy stuff, holding the seeds. 

It does well in dry soil in part-shade and is drought-tolerant.


Chrysogonum virginianum, green-and-gold

This is a very low-growing, spreading, evergreen perennial.  It makes a great groundcover in dry shade, and can tolerate about a half-day's sun.  It produces quarter-sized yellow flowers in the spring.  This plant can flourish in places that would typically be overtaken by "weeds". It would be a great replacement in the landscape for invasive plants such as English ivy, vinca (periwinkle), or liriope.