I can teach you about the organisms in your landscape and others you might like to include in it.

I can help you increase the value of your property in terms of its biodiversity and sustainability while, most likely, decreasing the amount of maintenance needed.      

Services include:

  • Invasive plants in your yard identified and marked
  • Customized list of native plants selected for your space, containing information such as plant sun and moisture needs, mature height, flower season and color, provisioning of food for wildlife
  • Custom landscape design to show how many of which plants could go where 
  • Suggestions for landscaping for erosion control, soggy areas, places where grass doesn't grow, to reduce maintenance


Are you interested in registering your property as a Certified Wildlife Habitat?  
Want to join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge or add your area to the Butterfly Highway?  
Would you like to simply make your own little corner of the world a bit more ecologically friendly but don't know where to begin?

For a consultation, I typically come to meet with clients and walk around the property with them to discuss what they have and what they’d like to see.  

I can help you learn to identify invasive plants in your yard and suggest native plants with which to replace them. I can recommend certain plants for certain areas of the yard based on things like sun, slope, erosion, and moisture levels.

This initial consultation typically runs $100-200, depending on how much time is spent ($100/hr.)  You are, of course, welcome to take however many notes you’d like. Then, if you’d like me to, I can write up all the notes and create an overall list of recommendations, of plants recommended for certain areas of the yard, and put together landscape plans indicating exactly what to put where.  

The amount of detail you’d like in that document and the size of your property will determine how much time I spend on it and, thus, the cost.