Most plants for sale are either grown from seed collected locally or are grown from pieces of plants on the property.      I do not use any kind of synthetic pesticides, so no worries about those on any plants that I grow!  Please note that, since most of my plants are grown from seed and this business is less than a year old, most plants are quite small; for the first couple of years of growth, native plants put most of their energy into been developing substantial root systems with little growth aboveground. 

All plants sold are ones that thrive in the North Carolina piedmont, in our climate and native soil.  

You can pay for purchased plants via AppleCash, CashApp,Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check.

Currently, plants are sold for pick-up only in Kannapolis, NC.  

Because I grow most of the plants I sell from seed and sell them in their first year of growth, by the fall, I have very few plants remaining for sale.

I will be growing more plants over the winter and have many for sale in the spring. 

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