Mid-summer plant sale!

All plants $5 or $10, according to size.  Contact Carrie to set up a time to come by grab some mid-summer deals!  Link to species list is below. 

Most plants I sell are ones that I have grown from seed collected locally or from pieces of plants on the property. All thrive in the North Carolina piedmont, in our climate and native clay soil. Typically, no soil amendment or tillage is needed for native plants to thrive.

I sell most plants the year that they germinate, so they are quite small. For the first couple of years, most native perennials and woody plants put most of their energy into developing substantial root systems so they will have access to plenty of water and nutrients.  They may have little aboveground growth and may not flower their first year.

The soil used is primarily organic seed-starting mix, garden soil, natural on-site soil, and leaf compost.  

Click on the buttons below to learn more about plants with scientific names starting with these letters. 


Click the links below to learn about some plants that do well in sunny areas and shady spots.
Currently, plants are sold for pick-up only in Kannapolis, NC.  
Occasionally, there may be "pop-up" sales at local businesses.  I will post those dates and locations here when available.
 For more information, to place an order, or to arrange a visit to discuss what plants might work best for your native plant needs, 
email Carrie@ForTheBirdsAndTheBees.com.
Accepted payment methods: 
cash or check

Did you know?

In their first year of growth, most native plants put most of their energy into developing their roots to ensure that they will have ample access to water and nutrients.  

In their 2nd year, many native plants will show a bit more above-ground growth, but really will not start taking off until their 3rd year.  

This has resulted in the well-known saying,       
"The 1st year, they sleep.  The 2nd year, they creep.  The 3rd year,  they LEAP!"