There have been a ton of wonderful books published recently on native plants and pollinators.  

Here are some from which I've learned quite a bit.

From the Xerces Society, many publications on bugs!   A few of my favorites are their books  Attracting Native Pollinators and Gardening for Butterflies

I also really like this  book,  Climate Change Gardening for the South by Barbara Sullivan. 


This book, Noah's Garden,  by Sara Stein was one of the first to inspire me.  

There is a whole series of native plant "primers" published by Timber Press.  Doug Tallamy's books have also been published by Timber.  His first book Bringing Nature Home got a lot of attention, with good reason, providing a push that really helped the "plant native plants!" movement get going. 

I recently acquired this book and have learned a lot from it already about identifying bees.

Pollinators of Native Plants by Heather Holm is also a fun book, published by Pollinator Press.  (A whole publishing company for pollinators?!  Maybe we have a chance to save the world after all!)   

Tracks and Sign of Insects and other Invertebrates is a really fun book to flip through. 

I really enjoyed Forgotten Pollinators and even had my botany students read an excerpt from it.