Information on this page is for plant species with scientific names starting with F to L.

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Fragaria virginiana, wild strawberry

Yes, they're edible!  This is our native, yummy strawberry.  If you want to get to the ripe fruits before the birds, chipmunks, and everyone else, you'll have to be on the ball-- everyone finds them very tasty.  This plant makes a great spreading groundcover in part-shady areas and is drought-tolerant.  


Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal flower

This is a favorite plant of hummingbirds.  But deer love it too.  So make sure you either have enough to satisfy you, the birds, and the deer, or you may need to come up with a way to keep the deer away.  (Spreading human or dog hair or shavings from Irish Spring bar soap are a few things you could try.)