Information on this page is for plant species with scientific names starting with S.

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Salvia coccinea, scarlet sage

This plant has quickly become a favorite of mine.  It is a hummingbird magnet!  It blooms from summer into the fall.  It seems to be very responsive to drought.  This past year, we got little rain and it did not come up in the spring.  Towards the end of summer, we finally got a rainy spell, and it popped up and started making tons of flowers!  It paused flowering when the drought started up again, and then began to flower when we next got some rain in the fall. 

Sambucus canadensis, elderberry

This plant is a fast grower, produces clusters of tiny white flowers that are very popular with pollinators and dark purple berries the birds love.  (Many people enjoy the berries and products made from them, as well.)  It likes sun but does just fine with quite a bit of shade.  It is drought-tolerant and, with time, will sucker to form thickets. 

Solidago caesia, blue-stemmed or wreath goldenrod

This may be my favorite goldenrod.  It blooms in late summer (a bit earlier than many other goldenrods) and does not spread aggressively like some others do.  I have not seen it get to be more than 3' tall; rather, it produces more branching than some other goldenrods, resulting in many flowering stalks, as seen in the picture here.

Symphiotrichum pilosum, white oldfield aster

This aster puts on quite a show while thriving in dry, poor soil.  It gets to be about 4' tall and has a long flowering period in the fall.  It tolerates being cut back repeatedly throughout the growing season, getting bushier with each cutting.