Information on this page is for plant species with scientific names starting with T to Z.

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Vernonia noveboracensis, tall ironweed

This is one of my favorite prairie plants.  It can get 5-7’ tall and, in late summer, it sports bright purple clusters of flowers at the tips of the stem.  It is a pollinator magnet, and  quite a stunning specimen. 

Viola sororia, common blue violet

This species may flourish in the middle of "lawns" that have at least a bit of shade and also do well as a low-growing highlight in flowerbeds. They typically bloom in early spring and may bloom again in the fall.  The flowers are commonly violet, but may also be mostly white with just a hint of purple color. 

Yucca gloriosa, Spanish dagger

This evergreen plant can be used to create a protective boundary-- the pointy tips of the leaves are quite savage!  It does well in sun or part-shade, is drought-tolerant, and has no need for rich soil.

I noticed one day that vegetation along a roadside was being demolished, and there was a huge, beautiful stand of these plants that would soon be destroyed.  I spent the afternoon digging up and hauling home a few carloads of these plants, and those are what I have for sale. 


Zizia aurea, golden alexander

This perennial is a member of the carrot family, host to caterpillars of the black swallowtail butterfly and likely many others, as well.